What We Work On

Brexit A number of questions remain unanswered for both Britons and EU citizens living in the UK after the UK leaves the EU. ICRD is concerned that the human rights of all citizens are guaranteed once Britain exits the union.

Foreign Policy The role of foreign governments when intervening overseas, diplomatically, commercially, militarily or on a humanitarian basis, should not interfere with the right to self-determination and the protection of civilians. Whenever possible, they should take a pro-active role in the promotion of democracy and rights. ICRD is carrying out key pieces of research that seek to shed light on the role of the international community in several regions and how it can maximise its impact.

Counter-Terrorism With the proliferation of extreme and violent networks around the world and the ever- growing threat of terrorism, governments must work together to halt attacks and protects its citizens. ICRD is seeking to develop smart policy recommendations to tackle radicalisation and terrorism without alienating communities.

International Relations Good relations with developed and emerging economies are important in order to promote both peace and trade. ICRD examines relations between Western European governments like the UK and the US, Russia, China, Iran and Gulf states with recommendations on the way forward.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Commitment to the SDGs and progress in achieving them means we’re working towards fair and equitable relations with our global partners and their citizens. ICRD will be carrying out key pieces of research on how we can stay on track on several goals for a fairer and more peaceful world.