Who We Are

The International Centre for Relations & Diplomacy (ICRD) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank with offices in London and Brussels. The centre promotes progressive dialogue between government entities, civil society and grassroots movements. Its strategic mission is to ensure rights and democracy are at the heart of international diplomacy and domestic government relations.

The centre works with national and international parliaments, government and non-government entities. While it collaborates globally, it primarily works in Western Europe. ICRD projects involve research, policy recommendations and information dissemination campaigns in order to inform decision-makers to create a fairer and more stable world.

Meet ICRD Founders and Advisors

Sameh Habeeb 

ICRD Co-Founder

Sameh Habeeb is a London-based journalist and the CEO of Newswire Now. Originating from Palestine, he has covered the Arab Israeli conflict for international media. Since moving to London he has been involved in international political discourse around Middle East affairs. His work on the Arab Israeli conflict at the organisational level has spanned the past 14 years and he has provided editorial contributions and reportage to various UK based media. His most recent work involves acting as a consultant for human rights organisation the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), supervising awareness-raising and advocacy projects at British and European universities as well as organising conferences, workshops and seminars. He has established wide relations with Members of Parliament from the UK and Europe as well as representatives from the UN and civil society. Habeeb has also represented PRC at various conferences and acted as its spokesperson, appearing on the BBC, Sky News, CNN and Press TV.


Sameh Habeeb

How ICRD Funds its Work

ICRD is still a small organisation funded by individual donations. ICRD will be able to sustain its work through membership subscriptions and continual support from those who believe in the work it does. As the organisation grows it may seek out grants from other funding mechanisms, details of which it will publish on its website.

ICRD is and will remain an independent organisation.