ICRD Seminars: Brexit In Focus: The Rights of European Citizens in the UK after Brexit

The International Centre for Relations & Diplomacy (ICRD)
invites you to a public seminar
hosted by

Tom Brake MP

Brexit in Focus: The Rights of European Citizens in the UK after Brexit

This event seeks to look at the current negotiation between the UK and the EU to reach a deal and how European citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe have been affected in the process. It will look at the government’s approach to Brexit and how best to ensure the process takes place in the spirit of democracy. Three confirmed speakers will join ICRD and Tom Brake MP to present on current concerns, followed by an open discussion with the rest of the audience.

Seminar Chaired by:
• Tom Brake MP


Sameh Habeeb
Director, ICRD
Introduction from ICRD

Gina Miller
Founding Partner, SCM Direct
Ensuring Brexit is legal and democratic

Dimitri Scarlato
Representative of The 3 Million campaign
Citizens’ rights after Brexit

Tony Bunyon
Director of Statewatch
Overview of Security and Justice in the EU


Date: 27 March 2018
Time: 18:30-20:30
Location: Committee Room 12, House of Commons


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