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Press Release: A New Organisation in London will Scrutinise Government Decision-making on the Global Stage

A new organisation has been launched with staff based in London and Brussels. The organisation called The International Centre for Relations & Diplomacy (ICRD) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think-tank that seeks to put rights and democracy back at the heart of international diplomacy and government decision-making.

ICRD says it will work by promoting progressive dialogue between government entities, civil society and grassroots movements. Working with national and international parliaments, governments and non-government entities it will collaborate globally although it will work primarily in Western Europe.

ICRD projects will involve research, policy recommendations and information dissemination campaigns in order to inform decision-makers to create a fairer and more stable world.

Amongst many of its inspirational goals,  ICRD will work towards a fairer world through the economies of the developing world.

According to the organisation’s founder, Sameh Habeeb, ICRD will be “a unique think-tank working on a number of critical issues underpinning the safety and stability of the world”. Habeeb said this would include topics such as Brexit’s impact on individuals and communities, foreign policy decisions, the rise of terrorism and the Sustainable Development Goals. He also said ICRD would look at “the various international relationships that oft affect the trajectory of global events”.

“What the UK, US, Russia, China and many other nations do and how they act trickles down directly on to ordinary people. It’s time to question whether the baseline and fundamental principles of democracy and rights really have the due consideration they need when these government make their decisions”.


Contact Sameh Habeeb, Director and Co-Founder of ICRD, for more information.
6th Floor, Lakeside Drive Park Royal, 2 Lakeside Dr, London NW10 7FQ

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