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PRESS RELEASE: ICRD Mandates Peace in Gulf and Hopes the International Community be Aware of Gulf Security Issues

Four ships found being attacked just offshore of UAE on Sunday. Among these four ships, two are from Saudi Arabia, one is from Norwegian and one is Emirati, which were all claimed by UAE to be a deliberate sabotage. This attack took place in 140km south of the Strait of Hormuz, which is a geopolitical crucial port that approximately one third of world’s oil trade passed through. Saudi Arabia said on Monday that this attack may be an attempt to undermine the Gulf security and to raise tensions between the US and Iran. However, the UAE though reported the incident but has not described who is behind this attack.

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The US is now requested to investigate into this incident. Iran has denied to be behind the attack. Although the tensions between the US and Iran have been ongoing since the US withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Policy, Iran asserted that war will not take place to resolve this. Further news from Iranian MP also stated that Iran will not resort to arm attack and the role behind this ship attack incident may be Israel intending to operate a false flag on Iran. Iran Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that this ship attack is a worrisome and dreadful incident; hence, Iran also asked for further investigation. The US military is now investigating into this incident and reviewing its military plan in Gulf area.

News report that the US military plan on Gulf area could see the deployment of up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East if Iran ever attacked the US military bases or if Iran accelerated nuclear weapon work. However, Trump on Tuesday denied such report and called it fake news.

The conflict between the US and Iran has been changeable since the US dropped out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran stated that the US may be raging a psychological warfare.



Tensions in the Gulf area have been worrying for inducing war. Although Iran has stated that it will not resort to arm attack and the US denied escalated military plan in the Gulf, this ship attack incident still cast a cloud on the security in the middle east. The world’s important oil trade passes the Gulf, which is crucial not only for the political security but also world’s economy. Any incident may be raising more conflict and tensions among these countries to harm the peace and trade.



ICRD mandates for peace in the Gulf and hopes that the international community be aware of Gulf security. Such incident is worrisome but should not end up inflicting war. The security in the Gulf should be taken seriously and carefully. No war should be the means to achieve peace.



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